Creative thinking

Learn how to really think outside of that box.
Understand and solve uncertain, complex or ambiguous problems.

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Speed reading

Learn how to read an average 50% faster after just a single two-hour workshop.
And you will still read every word. No skimming allowed.

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Team building

Nurture trust within your team & learn to value conflict as productive.
Develop commitment
& deliver results.

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kNOELedge is a learning and development company run by Noel Gray
Based near Bedford with easy access to London, Milton Keynes and Cambridge, I specialise in working with managers and higher education students.

I strongly believe that reading and thinking are critical skills for success as an individual or business, yet we often take them for granted. We are taught to read in junior school, and never take it further. But there is so much more to learn, how to read faster, how to plan your reading, to make it far more efficient and effective.

I like helping people think, think for themselves, think differently, think creatively, flexibly.
I passionately believe that it makes them happier, more fulfilled people. And happy, fulfilled people, perform better.

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